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Shenzhen LEDMY Co., Ltd.

Specializing in flexible LED strips and linear light fixtures

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    Room 1503-1505, Block 2, Excellence City, Zhongkang Road, Futian, Shenzhen, China
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Company Profile
LEDMY specializes in LED light strips, LED linear slots, LED panel lights and LED ceiling lights. LEDMY is one of the few lighting manufacturers that have a systematic niche focus. The design and construction of LEDMY's LED strip lighting systems and LED linear fixtures have become a benchmark for both quality and innovation. The company takes pride in contributing significantly to delivering perfect light quality and operational performance with its highly focused product portfolio.

The company's commitment to driving inventive design and uncompromising quality is unparalleled. The entire value-added chain of LEDMY's premium products starts from taking the utmost advantage of the light sources. While most manufacturers have been investing substantial resources into luminaire structural design, LEDMY makes a speciality of developing LEDs with a high level of color purity, color consistency and color stability. Maintaining constant color (chromaticity) over time is very critical for light sources in commercial and retail lighting applications where deterioration of color quality may lead to undesirable lighting effects. LEDMY has its own LED packaging lines and utilizes its proprietary technologies to ensure the SMD LED packages have a homogeneously colored appearance, minimal color shift and high color fidelity.

LEDMY has pushed the boundaries of the available technology for LED flexible linear lighting. Its flexible, but durable LED strips feature a proprietary copper board core for superior heat dissipation. The in-house packaged LEDs provide uniform illumination over long runs. High quality silicone covered flexible strips with a self adhesive back offer virtually limitless design and installation possibilities, whether these applications are for concealed lighting in coves, under cabinets or showcases, or for outdoor decorative lighting for patios, decks, and architectural contouring.

LED linear lighting, including rigid LED light strips, LED linear slots and LED linear trunking systems, are poised to play a major role in commercial interior lighting for their incredible design flexibility, unmatched performance, streamlined aesthetics and ease of installation. With a passion for innovation and perfection, LEDMY designs and engineers its linear lighting products to the last detail, including high color rendering capabilities, high luminous efficacy, low UGR (unified glare rating), and durable beauty for modern architectural spaces.

The company's products are grouped in two brands, with 'LEDMY' focusing on the outdoor applications and 'EXMA' specializing in interior lighting. The EXMA family also includes its patented edge-lit LED panel lights which feature an ultra-slim profile, homogeneous emission of light and glare-free illumination.

LEDMY operates a modern, fully equipped 15,000 square meter manufacturing facility in Shenzhen. By leveraging its many years of experience, the combined expertise of its R&D team, together with a highly skilled and productive workforce of over 500 employees, LEDMY is uniquely positioned to provide a variety of innovative linear lighting solutions engineered to surpass all others in the market for performance, reliability and efficiency.
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